How to Start your photography business


                You should establish your photography business as either a sole proprietorship or single member LLC. Many photographers choose to establish their business with their name. A sole proprietorship and LLC are great but an LLC gives you added legal protections.


My income sources are from being hired directly, royalties form shutter stock, and sales from fine art America. I also sell prints on site at the event and after the event from my website. I upload the photos from the event or shoot and the can buy from there. A third party company takes care of printing and shipping to the customers directly. There is no other work on your part. An examples of this is smug mug.

So I get a great source of passive incomes from my prior work and I still earn active income.


The best way to price your services is by the hour. Charge by the hour and include a minimum, lets says 2 hours for events. Also make a chart outlining your prices to send to clients. I charge a different rate for weddings, portraits and video. I have add on charges for mobile studio an extra shooter(another photographer).


Have a graphic designer design a good logo for your business.